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Upon obtaining her degree in Business and a minor in Law at Ryerson University, Jade was hired by Capital Lending Center (CLC) as a mortgage underwriter at their head office in Toronto. Jade’s passion for real estate and her commitment to success led her to become the Director of Underwriting for Capital Lending Centre in 2019. Leading a team of 6 underwriters, Jade has gained experience working with over 40 different lenders and 3 insurers closing an average of $350 Million in mortgages annually. Jade felt as though she can do more for her clients as an agent rather than the Director of Underwriting, and help make a greater impact in the industry by offering direct, personalized service with her clients. As an mortgage agent, Jade can apply her extensive experience and knowledge by working with clients directly, making her one of the most knowledgeable and skilled mortgage agents in the industry.

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