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Hi, my name is Priyanka Sugathan and I am a Mortgage Agent - Level 2 working in Ajax, Ontario with an Ontario-based company. With a Bachelor of Technology degree and a CSC certification, I have developed a strong foundation in the field of mortgages, banking, financial planning, and negotiations.

I strive to provide the best service to my clients, and I am proud to have received awards and recognition for my achievements. I have been recognized as being in the top 10% for revenue, volume, and units, showcasing my dedication and expertise in the mortgage industry.

Aside from my professional life, I enjoy a variety of activities in my personal time. I am an avid badminton player and enjoy practicing yoga to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I also have a passion for reading and find it enriching to explore new perspectives and ideas through books. Additionally, I have a love for cooking, and enjoy experimenting with different recipes that I find on YouTube.

My ultimate goal as a Mortgage Agent is to save my clients time and money when it comes to financing real estate. I strive to ensure that my clients are well-informed and educated about the home buying process, so that they can make informed decisions and use real estate as a wealth accumulation strategy.

I am fluent in English and Malayalam, allowing me to effectively communicate with a wide range of clients. With my strong skills in mortgages, banking, financial planning, and negotiations, I am confident in my ability to provide exceptional service and support to my clients.


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We needed a mortgage done soon and the holidays were right around the corner too. So time was precious. But Priyanka didn't waste any time and got the process for our mortgage started immediately and worked around the clock to meet the closing date. She was also available and quick to reply anytime we had any questions, which we really appreciated, and knowledgeable with all things mortgage related.

Shifa Synon


Exceptional service. Priyanka sugathan is a true professional and I can confidently say that you will not find anyone better, Highly recommended. Priyanka makes you feel important and keeps you up to date on whatever she is doing or needs from you and how the process is going.Thank you Priyanka for all your hard work! The process was simple, extremely professional and very outgoing to help get everything done in a timely manner. ~ Febin & Neethu - London, ON

Febin Raphel


Priyanka is an amazing resource for mortgages and home buying! She took the time to explain all steps and scenarios to me long before we actually purchased and then ensured everything went smoothly once the offer went in. On the closing date, there was some confusion from the lawyer's office regarding the mortgage documents. She coordinated with lawyer and got it resolved in no time. I’ve learned so much from Priyanka and would 100% come back to her for any future purchases. Thank you so much Priyanka for all your hard work and guidance on my home purchase!

Rachana Achuthan


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