I am a PROUD Mortgage Broker working with Pineapple. I work with top lenders, underwriters, and fulfillment specialists to assist my clients in their Purchase, Refinance, and Renewal needs. I work with a variety of clients with a variety of needs, such as self-employed borrowers, New to Canada, and credit challenged clients as well. Any homeowner transaction is just as important to me as the next, and I use all resources I have available to me to provide the best solution. As a former Mortgage Underwriter for some of the top lenders in Canada, I can appreciate the importance of a thorough understanding of credit and how it impacts the mortgage process. I have a strong understanding of the credit, documentation and paperwork requirements that lenders look at for Mortgage approvals. I work with Prime, Alternative, as well as Private lenders to provide a variety of solutions to individual needs. I have a personal interest in the damaged credit and debt consolidation type of transactions- it gives me massive personal and professional fulfillment to help my clients save money!

Thanna Leah is an excellent Mortgage Broker with great instincts when it comes to what is the best solution for her clients!
Rachel Adams

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