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If you are looking to purchase your first property, this service provides an easy transition from renting to owning. You will receive assistance with financial details to find the ideal property and can benefit from an education-focused approach, as well as an online application to accurately start the process. Tools and guidance are provided to streamline document submission and aid in budget planning for associated costs such as closing expenses and adjustment costs. Understanding of homebuyer incentive programs is included along with personalized solutions that fit your mortgage needs, including mortgage pre-approval and locking in the best rate. Access to Canada's top lenders is provided, including those who may offer alternative financing options. Innovative tools are utilized to reduce errors, improve efficiencies, and save time.

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Before you begin your search for your dream home, it is important to get pre-approved for a mortgage and lock in your rate. This process will help you determine your purchasing ability, save you time, and provide you with mortgage options tailored to your needs. By going through a fast pre-approval process, you can confidently shop for properties knowing that you have already secured the best rate possible. With the help of a lender, you can design a custom-tailored mortgage product that perfectly suits your financial situation while enjoying the assurance of a locked-in rate.

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