Vacation Homes

An increasing number of Canadians are choosing to invest in vacation properties for various reasons such as relaxation, wealth-building, and creating family memories. These properties, including non-winterized or remote locations, can be easily accessible through mortgages with low interest rates. Whether you are looking for a lake cottage or a college housing option, there are different lending criteria for second or third homes compared to primary residences. While some vacation and secondary homes may only require a minimum down payment of 5% or 10%, others, depending on their category, will require a higher down payment of 20% or more. Different types of cottages also have varying down payment requirements and interest rates. The availability of mortgage options depends on whether the property is categorized as year-round accessible or seasonal. Additionally, down payments can be incorporated through methods such as mortgage refinancing, a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), or a reverse mortgage. Canada offers innovative tools for a streamlined and accurate mortgage process. For more information and a quick mortgage pre-approval, reach out to the appropriate sources.

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